america on the move

Let’s face it moving home is a big hassle. No matter who we are or where we are we accumulate items, and it is these same items that make moving house a big hassle.

No matter who we are or how well established we are, chances are at some time in our lives we will move house. In fact, it is estimated on average Americans move home 11.7 times in their lifetime. Analysts estimate that 15.3 million households move each year and more than 3 million Americans move interstate.

Moving home yourself can be more problematic than beneficial and that is why there are professional removalist companies like Moving Boxford that specialize in helping people move.

Moving industry statistics
Statisticians categorize moving services under three areas and these are residential moving, warehousing, commercial moving, and others. It is estimated that 9.8 percent of Americans move annually which equals approximately 15.3 million American households.

There are approximately 7000 moving companies in the US utilizing 50,000 moving trucks and directly employing 186,722 people generating a combined payroll income of approximately $86 billion and generating tax revenue of $9.42 billion per year. It is also estimated that there are slightly more than 7000 professional moving companies like Moving Boxford operating throughout America.

Why Americans are on the move.
Americans are literally on the move and it is believed Americans move more than any other nationality in the world. Americans moving home is not new and it is in fact part of American culture. For example, Americans struck out to explore the wild west and rushed to remote areas of the country in search of gold. Americans also moved into the cities during the industrial revolution and out of the cities and into the suburbs during the suburban revolution.

The main reason Americans move is that they are looking for better housing options. This includes looking for a bigger house/apartment, a change from renting to ownership, more affordable housing, wishing to relocate to a better neighborhood or foreclosure/eviction. When moving home the majority of Americans will turn to professional removalist companies such as Moving Boxford.

Another reason Americans move is because of work. Conducted surveys cite employment-related reasons such as taking on a new job, job transfers, looking for a new job, easier commuting, and retirement.

A very important reason Americans move is because of family obligations. In fact, one in four Americans (25.5%) in 2020 cited family reasons for moving homes. This included 10.65% who moved to establish their own household, 6.1% who moved because of getting a divorce or a change in marital status, and 8.72% who cited general family reasons.

Other reasons cited include wishing to live in a more temperate climate, wanting to own a home and stop renting, attending or leaving college, health reasons, or a natural disaster. There is a myriad of different reasons why people move houses and the majority of the time they will use professional removalist companies like Moving Boxford.

Some handy hints to help the moving process.
Plan and pack in advance making sure to pack with appropriate padding so as to avoid breakage. Here are some handy hints that can help with the laborious packing process: “Plan ahead: It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

This saying sums up the importance of planning ahead which is particularly important when moving house as planning ahead can save you considerable time and lessen stress. Here are some thinking ahead tips: