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Are you thinking about moving house? If your answer is yes then you are not alone because each year in America literally millions of people move houses. In fact, it is estimated that 9.8 percent of Americans move each year, (15.3 million, American households) and the average American moves 11.7 times in the course of a lifespan.

Moving home can be stressful and in some surveys, it is recognized as the third most stressful situation you will encounter in your lifetime, surpassed only by the death of a loved one and divorce.

Many people choose the DYI (Do It Yourself) approach to move and it is believed this is why the experience becomes so stressful. However, people who move using a professional removalist company like Moving Billerica experience significantly less stress. 

Obviously moving house is part of the American lifestyle, so let’s dive right in and break down the numbers.

As stated above it is estimated that 9.8% of Americans move house in a year, and whilst this might seem a lot it is actually a significant decline compared to the 1960s when approximately 18% of Americans would move house. The decline in the number of people moving house is attributed to a large extent to the pandemic and to a general feeling of insecurity when it comes to taking a risk and leaving a secure environment.

Looking at who moves each year, also produces some interesting statistics. Each year a total of 44 percent of the total home moves in America are individual or family, 38 percent corporate moves, military 16 percent, and government agencies 2 percent. Of these groups, the corporate moves are most likely to use a professional removalist service like Moving Billerica.

Demographics show that the group moving the most are house renters followed by homeowners. In 2018, 21.7& of renters moved houses, and 5.5% of homeowners moved. 

Here are the sizes of households as a percentage of the total number of moves. The biggest moving group was those moving to one-bedroom homes at 28.81% of the overall moving numbers.

The other large moving groups were; The most commonly moved items by companies like Moving Billerica include; household goods 73%, computers, and electronic goods 20%, exhibits, and trade shows, 6%, and office supplies 2%.

Financial statistics for the moving industry.
The moving industry provides approximately 125,600 jobs and has an annual payroll of approximately $3.6 billion. The industry has experienced a steady yearly growth rate of 3%. The removalist industry is composed mostly of small businesses, and 47.8% of the removalist businesses employ 5 or fewer personnel. Only 8.5% of the total number of removalists are classified as large businesses and employ 100 people or more.

It is estimated that there are approximately 8000 independent removalist companies in the United States like Moving Billerica utilizing about 5, 000 moving trucks and producing an annual revenue of approximately $18.5 billion.

The revenue generated by the moving industry can be broken down into the following categories Why people move
Statistics can also show us why people move house. According to the US Census Bureau the top 20 reasons why people move houses are; As is shown by the statistics America is moving and with an industry growth rate of just over 4% in 2021 there’s no reason to suspect Americans will stop moving home any time in the near future.