Moving Dracut

Compared to European countries Americans move house substantially more times in one lifespan. In fact, it is estimated that the average American moves 11.7 times in their whole lifespan, whereas the average European will move approximately six times in their lifespan.

On an annual basis, it is estimated that approximately 9.3 million people have moved home since the commencement of Covid and 9.8 percent of Americans (or 15.3 million households) move annually.

Put simply Americans are on the move, which is quite confusing when you consider the amount of stress and physical labor that is involved in moving house. In fact, moving house is consistently rated in the top ten most stressful things people will experience in their lifetime.

However, the stress associated with the moving house can be easily reduced by contracting the services of a professional cleaning company like Moving Dracut.

How to cope with the stress of moving house.
Moving house will by definition entail a certain amount of stress, but that amount can be minimized simply by following some simple procedures detailed here.

Jonie Mitchell sang we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone, but when it comes to moving a more appropriate line would be, we don’t know what we’ve got till we move. The reality is that nearly everyone tends to accumulate or hoard items and these items can make moving a stressful experience.  

A professional moving company like Moving Dracut will move all your accumulated items quickly and efficiently saving you time and effort and significantly lowering your levels of stress.

Plan and think ahead
Because we tend to horde items the sheer number of items having to be moved, means the moving house process is often more complicated than it should be. However, the obstacles to a stress-free move can often be overcome with some simple planning and advanced thinking.

A large part of moving houses is the packing of items and this is often a source of frustration and stress. When packing always try to think ahead, particularly when it comes to planning what you will need the day of the actual move. This way you do not make the mistake of packing everything into the Moving Dracut removalist van and will have the essential items you need without having to search through all your packed items. For example, you can;
  1. Travel light and always remember to pack an essential items box for your first and second days in your new house. This box can include things like beverages, bottled water, snacks, instant meals, a thermos, eating utensils glasses, and plates.
  2. Prepare an overnight bag for each family member ensuring that these include essential items like toothpaste and toothbrushes and toilet paper.
  3. Prepare a small box that you keep close at hand containing items like a first-aid kit, a torch, sealable plastic bags, and maybe a small tool kit.
  4. Always have the contact number for the removalists such as Moving Dracut close at hand and easily accessible.
Tips for packing
One of the biggest and therefore most stressful aspects of moving house is the packing of items. Here are some helpful tips which will make the packing process easier, more organized, and less stressful.

Start packing early
When packing up your items to move house always try to get ahead of things by starting the packing process early. Divide your items into those you want to take with you to your new house, those you no longer need, and those that can go into storage. Be strict with yourself and try to minimize the number of items you are going to take with you. The fewer items you pack the quicker the removalists like Moving Dracut can get the job completed. 

When packing try to;
  1. Work your way methodically through the house. Start packing items from upstairs rooms first and pack the items you need to use daily, last.
  2. Pack up room by room labeling the boxes according to what item they are and what room the items came from. For example, if one box has kitchen items inside it should be labeled kitchen utensils.
  3. Always remember to pack the items you use the least, first. For example, when packing clothes, the clothes you wear the least should be the first packed. This is because the first packed items will be the ones loaded onto the truck first and therefore the last offloaded. Doing this ensures your regularly used items are at the front of the Moving Dracut removalist van and will be the first offloaded.
  4. Always remember to label boxes clearly and when packing more delicate items use plenty of paddings like bubble wrap and newspaper. This will help reduce the risk of breakage and damage in general.
  5. Always pack important documents together and label the box clearly. Often it is best to keep this box by your side during the move rather than loading it into the removalist van.
Following these simple steps will make the moving house experience quicker, and significantly reduce the stress associated with moving.