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Let’s face it; moving home is a hassle. It takes time and energy, and it is frustrating and annoying. Having to decide what to take and what to leave, deciding what you really need and what’s just clutter, packing and labeling everything, the actual moving of items from one destination to another, and then the unpacking. 

The reality is moving house can be an extremely stressful situation. In fact, moving is considered the third most stressful event in life after divorce and a loved one dying. Moving home is complicated and involves many factors such as finding a new place to move to, packing and unpacking, loading, making the trip and unloading, and perhaps most importantly of all, finding the right removalist company like Moving Tewksbury.

The best and worst things about moving.
New business opportunities.
Moving can be the beginning of a new journey, an opportunity. Moving is a chance to meet new people, and experience a new environment. It is also an opportunity in terms of business and represents the perfect opportunity to open a new business or enter a new field of work.

Some people see moving to a new neighborhood as a chance to develop new prospects and new customers.

New friends and relationships
When you move to a new neighborhood this gives you the opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships and relationships. You can increase your circle of friends and develop new relationships.

New job opportunities.
One common reason for people moving homes is because they are looking for new job opportunities. When all the complications of moving are taken care of by professional removalists like Moving Tewksbury, you will have enough time tofollow new job opportunités.  

Personal growth
Moving house and changing location can be an excellent opportunity to set and achieve personal goals. These goals can include personal health, financial, and wellness. Moving to a new house in a new location, enables you to become involved in a new community and learn new things about yourself.

Educational opportunities.
Moving house is much the same as moving to the next stage in life. Living in a new location brings with it new opportunities and one such opportunity is to get a higher level of education. For example, many colleges and universities offer reduced tuition rates for in-state residents, so moving closer to an educational establishment where you are studying, can save you a lot of money.

Reduce the stress caused by having to commute
Another potentially good thing about moving is that it can bring you closer to work and lessen the time spent commuting. When you spend less time commuting this reduces stress and frees up time that can be spent on more pleasurable or profitable pursuits. And while on the subject of reducing stress, you can reduce the amount of stress associated with moving by using a professional removalist service such as Moving Tewksbury.

Begin again and start afresh.
And here’s possibly the very best benefit. When you move home it’s like starting a new life, beginning again. It’s a fresh new start that can offer new opportunities, new physical surroundings, the chance to meet and interact with new people, and the chance to redirect the direction of your life.

But at the same time starting again can be challenging, particularly the moving aspects. However, the challenges associated with physically moving home are considerably lessened when you engage the services of a professional moving company such as Moving Tewksbury.

The bad things about moving.
Moving house can be a source of frustration and a stressful situation and can even lead to anxiety disorders or depression. When you think about what’s involved when moving house, it’s no surprise that it is a tremendously stressful situation. When you move house, you are literally uprooting your life, leaving behind safety and security and replacing them with the unknown.

There are many reasons you might feel stressed when moving and some of these include
  1. The thought of organizing and packing everything.
  2. A genuine fear of the unknown and uncertainty.
  3. Separation from friends and family.
  4. A general feeling of being unprepared
  5. Inability to face the physical challenge that moving represents
  6. Making a decision not to use a professional removalist like Moving Tewksbury.
And the stress related to moving house is not confined to adults as studies have shown children also show a poorer level of mental health, and increased stress when moving home. 

Tips on how to minimize the stress when moving.
There’s no doubt about it, moving house can be a stressful event but by following some simple procedures you can substantially minimize the stress of moving.

One of the main stress factors when moving house is packing. Here are some handy hints to help you ease the stress associated with packing.
  1. Create a priority packing list
  2. Try and pack everything you can into the removalist’s load. When packing keep aside for yourself only that which you will need immediately and essential items.
  3. Prepare an overnight bag and include the essentials that will be needed by everyone in your family
  4. Make sure all your boxes have sufficient padding and are labeled correctly
  5. Make sure you have all the contact details of your chosen removalist company like Moving Tewksbury.
  6. Use strong boxes and make sure not to fill boxes to the brim
  7. Make sure all your insurance covers all items being moved.
  8. Put all hazardous material in a separate box making sure it is clearly marked, and keep it separate from your other boxes
Moving will inevitably involve a certain amount of stress but by following the hints detailed here this stress may be significantly reduced